Complex Electro Mechanical Systems

With cutting edge technology and the capabilities to support build to print or design and build from specification, Bowmar’s team of industry experts excels at producing complex electro mechanical sub systems for critical function needs. From fighter jets to deployable sonar arrays, we tackle even the most complicated systems for both commercial and military applications.

Complex Electro Mechanical Assemblies

Complex electromechanical systems for various critical function applications.

Bowmar offers:

  • Build to print

  • Design and build to specifications

With the capability to not only build to print but to also design and build to specifications we can:

  • Break down the most complex systems into manageable sub-assemblies

  • Drive out waste and reduce costs allowing for savings to our customers

Bowmar’s promise:

  • Products for critical function applications where exacting standards must be met with the highest level of quality
  • Robust quality system adhering to AS9100D to exceed our customers expectations

  • Verified by customers on site auditing of our quality system with demonstrated results

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