Upgrade and Sustainment Programs

Bowmar offers solutions that make the most of your equipment. Our sustainment options extend the lifetime of an aircraft platform, providing more flight hours for the future, while the opportunity to upgrade existing equipment offers advanced assemblies that bring equipment up to newer standards and peak functionality.

Upgrade and Sustainment Programs

Upgrade Programs

Today, aircraft are being recapitalized and upgraded with the latest instrumentation and avionics. Recapitalization implies refurbishment to near zero-time/zero-mile maintenance. This upgrade process results in an improved model with enhanced war-fighting capabilities.

We have the ability to:

  • Design, develop, and produce your upgrade or modification project

  • Integrate mechanical and electronic elements

  • Integrate fully fabricated, assembled and tested packages; ready for integration into customer’s end systems

Sustainment Programs

As the life expectancy of military assets continues to increase, the government is looking for new sources of supply to support these legacy, sunset or end-of-life programs.

Traditional OEMs or distributors who are licensed to sell products, but they do not produce them are the usual customer.


  • Manufacturers & DoD seeking cost-effective procurement and production alternatives
  • Competitive Supplier for existing build-to-print assemblies

  • Multi-Capability Supplier for new assembly designs

  • Partner Supplier for outsourcing Legacy Products